Our tours are semi-private, consisting of groups up to 12 riders, to ensure that everyone receives personal attention from watchful guides. We strive to ensure your comfort, confidence, and safety. The pace of the ride is set to match the skill level of participants. Riders exhibiting control and balance are permitted to trot and even canter along with the guides in designated areas.

Whether it is your first time on a horse, or if you are an experienced rider, we strive to make your ride fun and exciting. We have well trained horses appropriate for all riding levels, gentle and easy to handle for beginners and more spirited mounts for accomplished riders. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides give brief instructions and an orientation on the basics of horseback riding.

Group Horseback Ride

$70 Per Person
2 Hours
All Ages

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Private Horseback Ride

$90 Per Person
2 Hours
All Ages

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Pony Ride (Ages 2-8)

$20 Per Person
20 Minutes
Ages 2-8

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We also offer special packages for any occasion.  We can cater to your special photo shoot, birthday parties and even weddings!  Let us make that special event even more amazing!

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Would you like some unforgettable photos of your special, once in a lifetime day? Picture yourself horseback riding along the coastline with the Puerto Rican breeze in your face and the warm Caribbean sun at your back.  A family excursion or a romantic evening ride, an equestrian adventure makes for an unmatched memory on your Caribbean vacation.

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Lowell Blackman, a local photographer,is often available for photos. He appears at many different locations throughout our route and takes about 10 or more photos of each individual interested for a fee of $15-20 per person (depending on resolution). If this is something that you are interested in, please make sure to contact Lowell ahead of time to make sure he is available.

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